Plastic Surgery Camp October 2018 (Nigeria)

In October 2018 a team of Plastic Surgeons travelled to Nigeria.
In total 111 patients were operated, of which 73 younger than 18 years old and 38 adults. For the larger part the operations regarded contractures, open burn wounds, tumors/keloids and a number of cleft surgeries.
Many patients were referred to an Orthopedist or to the mission in March 2019, when a PediatricUrologist will join us. We have already scheduled 60 patients for surgery.

Plastic Surgery Camp March 2018 (Nigeria)

There’s much to do for us. In all nearby churches and mosques the medical mission was advertised by Kefas, who describes himself as a nurse but in fact runs the entire hospital. The result of that work is waiting for us on Monday outside the outpatientsdepartment. That day we see a great variety of patients and fortunately we can schedule most of them foran operation in the next two weeks.

Plastic Surgery Camp October 2017 (Nigeria)

So many serious burns. Children and adults falling into open fires or having boiling water over them. So much misery! In the consultation room there is a poster about the prevention-programme. Only twenty metersaway we see relatives of hospitalisedpatients cooking their meals on open fires onthe hospital site, while young children are walking between these fires.

Plastic Surgery Camp February 2018 (Bangladesh)

The young doctors were very eager to learn and some of them assisted in suturing donorsites. To perform Z-plasties was instructed as well.
Overall, the operation programms went smoothly. We were aware of the burden for the local assistents related to the high numbers of patients per day. But mostly, we could end at six pm, so keeping a good mood.

Plastic Surgery Camp January 2017 (Bangladesh)

The first day is quite overwhelming: the things you see her in Faridpur, a place in Bangladesh south-east of its capital. On arrival at the hospital that consists of two newly tiled operation theatres and some empty wards about 200 people have gathered on the plastic seats outside.

Plastic Surgery Camp March 2016 (Nigeria)

The rest of the procedure and release were sensational and the result was stunning. For me this was the most extraordinary experience, without doing injustice to other patients.

Plastic Surgery Camp March 2014 (Nigeria)

Even before we had actually started working a father and his child came to us. At a distance you could see that the child suffered from severe burns in the face and neck...