Mangu – Nigeria

The Faridpur foundation supports the medical work (the Plastic Surgery Camps) of plastic surgeon Cees Spronk and his team in the city of Mangu. They operate upon children and adults with severe burns and split lips. Interplast Holland finances and organises the Plastic Surgery Camps, which take place twice a year. Once a year Dr. Arend van de Venis goes to Mangu to operate upon children with deformities to their legs. All this work is done for the poor in this region.

The Burns Centre in Mangu

In Nigeria, and in other developing countries much cooking is done on an open fire. The risk to contract burns is enormous, especially for children and women. If an accident happens there is no good first aid for these patients and there is no hospital that knows how to deal with burns correctly. This causes very serious deformations by scars.

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Plastic Surgery Camps

In 2005 Cees Spronk and a medical team visited Mangu to perform operations. From 2006 Cees Spronk and a medical team have gone there twice a year to do so.

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Cocin-hospital in Mangu

From 1950 until her retirement in 1973 dr. Priestman, a British leprosy doctor was in charge of a leprosy centre in Mangu in Middle Nigeria. For many people treatment in those days was for the rest of their life, as the development of new medicines was still in its infancy. In 1974 dr. Cees Spronk, then a leprosy doctor took the lead, supported by the Dutch Leprosy foundation.

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School and Hostel in Mangu

In 2004 Neeltje and Annemiek van de Venis visited the school and hostel again. Maintenance and a number of new facilities were necessary. Neeltje and Annemiek decided to go for this.

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Plastic Surgery Camp March 2018 (Nigeria)

There’s much to do for us. In all nearby churches and mosques the medical mission was advertised by Kefas, who describes himself as a nurse but in fact runs the entire hospital. The result of that work is waiting for us on Monday outside the outpatientsdepartment. That day we see a great variety of patients and fortunately we can schedule most of them foran operation in the next two weeks.

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Plastic Surgery Camp October 2017 (Nigeria)

So many serious burns. Children and adults falling into open fires or having boiling water over them. So much misery! In the consultation room there is a poster about the prevention-programme. Only twenty metersaway we see relatives of hospitalisedpatients cooking their meals on open fires onthe hospital site, while young children are walking between these fires.

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