The Burns Centre in Mangu

In Nigeria, and in other developing countries much cooking is done on an open fire. The risk to contract burns is enormous, especially for children and women. If an accident happens there is no good first aid for these patients and there is no hospital that knows how to deal with burns correctly. This causes very serious deformations by scars.

Seventy per cent of the patients that we see during our Plastic Surgery Camps in Mangu have serious deformations by burns. Many of them could have been prevented by proper education and good First Aid.

That is why we have developed plans in Mangu for a burns centre for the entire region.
It will be a centre for treatment for patients with serious burns. The centre will also give information and education on a local level.

For the burns centre a new operation theatre in Mangu was needed. The old operation theatre is too small and does not meet present-day requirements. In 2012 the building was started.
When the operation theatre will be ready, the old one can be rebuilt into a unit with four beds for the treatment of patients with serious burns.

We hope that this burns centre will have an example for hospitals in the neighbourhood.

For the furnishing and the equipment of the operation theatres and the further realization of the burns centre we ask your support.