The Burns Centre in Mangu

In Nigeria much of the cooking is done on open fire. As a consequence many people suffer from burn injuries. Due to living a long distance from medical centres, lacking knowledge of how to treat burn wounds and not being able to afford medical treatment, patients suffer from severe scarring caused by burn wounds. Much of the mutilation could be prevented through education programmes and first aid treatment. This is why the Faridpur Foundation founded a Burn Centre. The centre is part of the COCIN Hospital and provides treatment for patients with severe burn wounds.

And the centre offers information and education programmes to schools and hospitals.





The Burn Centre was officially opened during the Plastic Surgery Camp in October 2013 by taking a new operation room into use. In 2014 an old operation room was renovated and taken into use as a nursing unit for patients with severe burn wounds. In 2014 we also purchased a pick-up to facilitate mobile education on treating burn wounds.









We hope the Burn Centre will be exemplary to other hospitals in the region.
To fund the furnishing, the much needed medical equipment, and the completion of the Burn Centre, we ask for your help.