New laboratory for Cocin Hospital in Mangu

The Plastic Surgery Camps in Nigeria always take place in the COCIN hospital in Mangu.
The organisation of the hospital is good, but there are no means for the necessary and most urgent improvements. The past few years we gave financial support for building a hospital pavilion and for building a new operation theatre. These projects have been realised. The patients have simple but decent rooms and the new operation theatre is a considerable improvement for the quality of the operations.

Today’s laboratory of the hospital is housed in a building that is about to collapse, which can be seen on the picture above. It is unbelievable that in this building for many years the large number of 27,500 medical examinations have been done, among which many aids-tests!



For the amount of € 35,000.- the hospital can realise a new laboratory building with a good interior and better equipment!

The work-group development-aid of the medical interns raises money for the new laboratory in Mangu. One of their actions is organizing a medical beneficiary dinner.

We would also appreciate your support.