Vocational Training Centre in Faridpur

Vocational Training for the Children’s Home

As the eldest children in the Holland Children House (HCH) in Faridpur complete High School, they can continue to study or choose vocational education. The children who decide to follow vocational education can do so on location at the HCH. For this we repurposed an old cow shed to become the Vocational Training Centre. The renovation started in the spring of 2014. The centre has been taken into use since 2015. The boys and girls can now be educated to become a tailor.

For the renovation of the cow shed into the Vocational Training Centre we needed funding of € 20.500,-. Thanks to financial contributions of the Faridpur Welfare Foundation/AKH-group, the Dutch Embassy and the Saint Vitus Foundation Leeuwarden we were able to raise the full amount required for the renovation. During the Plastic Surgery Camp in February 2014 we hosted a ceremony where two representatives of the Dutch Embassy were present to kick-off the renovation of the Vocational Training Centre.

With the addition of the Vocational Training Centre we now offer a complete education system for the children of the HCH in Faridpur.